San Juan, Puerto Rico


Every once in a while you come across a place that has it all – great food, lots to see and do, and plenty of warm sunshine.  For us, San Juan was it.  

Our journey to the Caribbean started in Puerto Rico.   After a lengthy 4,000 mile journey, Maria and I took to the streets of San Juan.  We spent the later part of the afternoon strolling the cobblestone streets of old San Juan.   After working our way up and down Calle de Cristobal, and a few of the side streets, we made our way to the most popular attraction in San Juan – El Morro.  

Could there have been a better place for Maria and I to end our first day together in paradise?  


So Maria and I each share one weakness…  Food. A trip to Puerto Rico wouldn’t be complete without the following: Mofongo, Puerto Rican Rice & Beans, and Mojitos.    

Mofongo – a Puerto Rican classic.  Fried plantains, smash, add some garlic (yum!) and top with either seafood, meat, or pork.  Bomb.  I got seafood. 

Rice & Beans – Do I really need to explain? 

Mojito – When we stopped at an Old San Juan watering hole, I paid close attention to how these were made.  Here is my recipe: 

A chilled glass

1 splendia packet or teaspoon sugar (our bartender used splendia)

Tear up 2 mint leaves

1 lime quartered

1 bottle of Don Q Cristal – White Rum ( & sold at )

Diet 7up. (it’s the up thing) 

Squeeze the juice of half the lime into the bottom of the glass, dropping the limes in when finished.  Tear up the 2 mint leaves and drop to the bottom of the glass. Add sugar.  Give it a second before you start to muddle.  Allow the sugar to dissolve.   Once this has occurred, muddle the hell out of that syrupy mixture. Add ice to the brim of the glass.  Pour the mixture into a cocktail shaker and shake, shake, shake (as Maria says).  After a few minutes of looking like Tom Cruise from Cocktail pour the freezing cold concoction into its original glass.   Add ice to the brim again (as some will have broken down) and top off with 7Up.  

*If you feel like getting crazy, leave some room at the top to float your favorite tropical juice.  Maria and I like pineapple

And for that, we thank you…



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